Oakleigh Brass Gold

Welcome to Oakleigh Brass GOLD

As Community Musicians, we regularly meet to make music – but even if we can’t meet, there are lots of ways that we can continue to be Community Musicians.

Oakleigh Brass GOLD is a new way to keep our community music vibrant!

Would you like to learn more about the actual music?

Try building a full score and parts of an existing march – from the original parts. This will really help the conductor – it’s very hard to conduct from a march card.

Do tubas always play on the beat, and Horns on the off-beats?

It will take a fair effort (it’s not a 5min task), but it will rescue hard to read marches and encourage us to play them. We would then have readable parts, a full score and best of all, new skills.

David/I can email scanned parts, and advice on the best free software for this.

We have 200+ in the library, so lots to share.

Would you like to try your skills as a music coach?

Facebook or Google Hangouts are perfect for this.

Would you like music lessons?

Great, we have some awesome coaches (yes, you can be both)

How about a Practice Buddy?

Less formal way to play together across the airwaves.

How about online research?

Bandstand Beauties needs photos of Bandstands around Victoria, and their history. Can you help?

It would be wonderful to extend our library with information about each item – David is adding extra data points to the on-line library ready to store your research.

Can you make videos?

We sounded amazing at last year’s concert, but the recordings need images.

Can you organise an Oakleigh Brass GOLD on-line event?

Let us know how YOU would like to be part of this, helping to set up our band for the future.